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What happens when favorite books clash July 12, 2011

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Just realized that I am going to miss George R. R. Martin’s appearance at the Union Square Barnes and Noble on Thursday @7pm because I will be attending a twofer viewing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (parts 1 & 2, back-to-back)…!!

On the one hand I am cruelly disappointed: authors don’t often visit the same place more than once in a tour, which means I’ll have to wait until the next book comes out to meet Martin.

On the other, I’m ridiculously excited: I mean, c’mon, it’s Harry. I was inspired to spend a year researching and writing an academic paper (bleechhh!) by the boy (or…at least his effect on our culture…ok, so I am a nerd…). My point is, he’s got prior claim.

Still, though the choice is clear, I feel somewhat conflicted. An odd string of thoughts for a Tuesday morning…


3 Responses to “What happens when favorite books clash”

  1. Shanella Says:

    If it makes you feel better, they are opening the GRRM event at 12pm for people to be seated. 12pm! And to get priority seating you have to buy the book at B&N

    • Well, that does ease it a bit! That’s 7hrs!! I’d have to take the day off. Buying the book I wouldn’t so much mind…but perhaps I should reserve that statement for after I’ve made it to bk4! LoL you never know!

  2. btw, just me or do martin and HP look something similar up there????

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