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Title Trend? July 5, 2011

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So, I’ve noticed a recent trend in YA lit titling, and, I must admit, I’m not really sure what to make of it.

On the one hand, these titles lend a kind of resounding grandeur to the stories they represent.

On the other hand (or perhaps the other side of that same hand?), one can only take seriously so much resounding grandeur…

Of course, it would help if you knew what I was talking about. Should I say? Yes. I’ll say.

As I was thinking about this post, I got curious to see just how many there were. I finally stopped when I got to 100 (below). I recommend reading them aloud one-by-one in the very serious kind of voice you know they’re supposed to inspire. It’s kind of fun – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Now, it’s not that I have anything at all against one-word titles. In fact, when I ran across it for the first time (Maggie Steifvater’s Shiver, as it happens), the cold, quiet, lonely word on the cover was actually one of the things that piqued my curiosity about the book. And, in my research, I discovered a few others that I find really enticing: Incarceron, Sapphique, Evercrossed, Paranormalcy, Demonglass. (Not that I’m advocating these books, btw – I haven’t read them, or many of the ones below – just pulled titles from a quick survey of Amazon).

Maybe it’s the originality of the words above, or the use of two words to make one (demon + glass, ever + crossed) that makes those five stand out from the others that I found today. The rest just feel like loaded words, and really familiar ones at that…(it’s like a shortlist of important YA paranormal-world concepts.) The first three or four might sound grand, but after a while, they kind of drone on. I just can’t help feeling that there is a…well, lack of creativity happening here. Why not give a fan more context to go by? Make a title stand out with its eye-catching cleverness. It’s not like we can’t handle compound-complexities……right?

I dunno. I’d love to get some authors’ takes on this. Where do these titles come from? How are agents/editors involved? Is it by author choice?

More importantly, what do you (fellow readers) think?

(starting with the adjectives)

  1. Immortal
  2. Everlasting
  3. Divergent
  4. Gossamer
  5. Fallen
  6. Stolen
  7. Driven
  8. Broken
  9. Hidden
  10. Fallen
  11. Torn
  12. Sensitive
  13. Pure
  14. Teenie
  15. Popular
  16. Spellbound
  17. Immortal
  18. Unearthly
  19. Errant
  20. Bittersweet
  21. Unnatural
    (among which are the -eds)
  22. Bumped
  23. Marked
  24. Abandoned
  25. Blessed
  26. Entwined
  27. Intertwined
  28. Betrayed
  29. Matched
  30. Crossed
  31. Twisted
  32. Switched
  33. Destined
  34. Loved
  35. Turned
  36. Exiled
  37. Birthmarked
  38. Ruined
  39. Pursued
  40. Hushed
  41. Unfriended
  42. Rumored
  43. Unhooked
  44. Enticed
  45. Blacklisted
    (the verbs…)
  46. Captivate
  47. Haunt
  48. Swoon
  49. Taste
  50. Wither
  51. Ascend
  52. Flutter
  53. Wake
  54. Linger
  55. Shiver
    (the adverbs…)
  56. Forever (also a noun)
  57. Nevermore (also possibly a name)
    (the nouns)
  58. Passion
  59. Absolution
  60. Silence
  61. Sniper
  62. Revolution
  63. Dreamland
  64. Endgame
  65. Identity
  66. Feather
  67. Denial
  68. Clarity
  69. Illusions
  70. Fate
  71. Wisdom
  72. Healer
  73. Tithe
  74. Plague
  75. Hades
  76. Gateway
  77. Glimpse
  78. Shade
  79. Ash
  80. Wings
  81. Numbers
  82. Wasteland
  83. Firelight
  84. Legacy
  85. Adversary
  86. Torment
  87. Crescendo
  88. Promise
  89. Halo
  90. Feather
  91. Firelight
  92. Illusions
  93. Torment
  94. Hourglass
  95. Need
  96. Betrayal
  97. Descendant
    (the names…)
  98. Raven
  99. Lori
  100. Lissie

et cetera


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